28 May 2015

Big Brother Little Sister

Taking a photograph is not meant to be difficult and its not , lets face it anyone can do it. What we love about our job is taking it a little bit further, creating an image that will speak to you. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, well we can think of maybe a few more for this image of big brother Tom and his little sister Isabelle. It also goes to prove that somedays you don’t need the perfect smile or family embrace to say what you want to say. Thanks & kisses for visiting the Megagraphics Studio.

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03 March 2014

Melbourne Steampunk

OK, ok.. A few of you have been asking to show you Mercury's Steampunk images, actually some of you may also be asking how did Mercury get this in his brain? what was the inspiration behind it, what studio techniques were used and for those who are really lost, what exactly is Steampunk? 
Firstly. The easiest question, Steampunk noun a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology, hence the crazy old aviator goggles and the like..Secondly why Mercury?  well, asking a creative mind that is possibly asking for a thousand answers. Start with the abstract colours, over the top characters, emotion and the fact it is out of the ordinary, a fantasy with no rules.
'Every photographer should go out and grab something that makes them feel like the very first time they fell in love with photography, stay creative, whatever it takes find what it is that keeps your art alive'
Lastly on a technical note for the photographers out there. All images were shot using Prime lenses on the   Canon 5D Mark 3 .  Up to 8 studio lights were used, for eg. This shot below with Rocky the dog, used all eight lights individually lighting each person (and dog!) in the frame. For those who love the creative side of photography it is interesting to know Mercurys favourite artist Caravaggio is the inspiration behind this dramatic posing ,  the rich colours mixed with dark and moody back grounds. 
Lastly thank you to Alexandra Chambers and all his team, we loved being involved. Hope you enjoy Mercury's Melbourne take on SteamPunk. 

Melbourne Steampunk Photographer

14 February 2014

cruise around town.. with the windows down ITS MONDAY

todays blog post is the story of 'the professional portrait photographer'.  Yes, we have all heard how hard it is, marketing your business, getting clients, getting a product and sometime in the middle of all this keeping your creative mind alive. A lot goes into our busy days, and sometimes (occasionally) its nice to roll the window down and just have a look around. This frame was shot on one of those busy days, meeting clients on Brunswick St Melbourne. Hey, I had a camera.
Don't know what his name was, but his face told a thousand stories. 

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26 January 2014

a family affair.. the wedding

The day starts with good (I mean GOOD) Coffee. Followed by some homemade Greek Spanakopta, more coffee, more treats and a lot of people coming and going. It could only mean one of two things. Its a big Greek wedding or its a big Italian wedding.  Actually, as it so happens it was both. Our beautiful bride on the Greek side, our Groom viva Italia.

This was a  modern take on the Greek wedding and seeing it was close to home with some family connections for me, its nice being the guest at a wedding you shoot.   Congratulations to our beautiful Stephanie, and to her new husband Chris. Welcome to this big crazy family and thank you to both of you for letting us be part of your day.

Melbourne Wedding Photographer 

23 December 2013

from mercury Megaloudis and the Melbourne team enjoy christmas & the new year

02 December 2013

Greek Stars Michalis Tzouganakis & Glyeria - Back Stage Pass

ok. ok, you know about Mercury's Greek heritage, the food, the culture and the family history cannot be denied. So when one of his heroes,  Mr Michalis Tzouganakis  and  Glyeria is playing at Melbourne Pavillion   Mercury is not one step behind.   Michalllei Tzouganakis , a Cretan, is a world renowned Greek musician and the inspiration behind Mercury’s  musical endevour to actually pick up the Bouzouki and learn music himself (stick to photographing Mercury!)  This man is like a 'god' in Mercury’s world, so needless to say he was a bit chuffed to be photographing and spending a bit of 'down time' with one of his musical heroes.
The ‘concert’; brilliant. The ‘behind the scenes’; a doorway into the world of a great musician, man and someone Mercury now calls 'friend'
 Thank you also to  George Trifunovic ( worlds cheapest assistant ever )  my editor for mixing it up an a  big fat XX to Dimitra (PA to Michalis) 

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20 October 2013

Beer Man

One frame today, a very short moment in time captured, if you blinked I guess you could walk past and not notice.  Mercury  however, is always on the look out. This love of the 'photo journalistic' or in plain terms, the modern storyteller approach,  is thanks to influences such as street B&W photographers like Willy Ronis and  Andre Kertesz.

Stop, and take time to look around you. A picture should be able to tell you a thousand words. Light, patterns, shapes, emotion and design. That is only just a start.
Hope you enjoy this story.

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